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August 24, 2014
Digital Carvers Guild is the new home of Shoestring Shaders
DCG will provide support and updates to Shoestring Shaders going forward. Existing Shoestring customers continue to use your unlock key. Shoestring Shaders is a versatile collection of powerful shading tools. Learn more about Shoestring shaders here.
August 10, 2014
Ground Control for LightWave update
Ground Control for LightWave gets a patch to fix a problem where it may interfere with other importers and a few other fixes. Download the demo or get more details here. Carrara folks will get the new file format and fixes in a soon to be released update.
July 27, 2014
Get started with Ground Control for LightWave tutorial
Check it out the Get started with Ground Control for LightWave tutorial here.
July 26, 2014
Ending support for LightWave 9 and 10
Current we're still building with the LW9 SDK so Anything Goos and Ground Control will likely work for most versions of LightWave 9 or better. However, official support for earlier versions is ended and bugs specific to LightWave 9 and 10 will not be fixed.
July 26, 2014
Introducting Ground Control for LightWave
Ground Control is now available for LightWave 11. Ground Control is a digital elevation map importer plug-in with support for classic USGS DEMs, VistaPro format DEMs, World Machine 32-bit RAW FP, Terragen TER files, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission HGT files, ArcInfo ASCII Grid, and BIL files. Import into LightWave as a mesh or image. Download the demo or get more details here.
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